Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few little white lies

Ok, So I said that I was going to blog once a week - one week a menu and some food and the other week an outfit post focusing on vintage.

Well, while I have remembered and remembered to feel guilty about not posting - I have been pretty good about the food side of things, though still not actually doing anything. I am still menu planning and am getting better at remembering to take pictures of the food that I am making. Perhaps I am unconsciously setting out to sabotage myself by making it all too hard. y menu at this stage is stuck on the fridge and is handwritten. If I did it on the computer - all I would have to do is cut and paste it into my blog along with the pictures of food from the last week. I also think that not everyone is interested in the fact that I am having brown rice for breakfast again!

So, new idea: menu planning on the computer and post straight away. This means I may actually be able to better link to all of the cookbooks I use and give a bit of a review every now and then and even use the fancy new pinboard (Pinterst) thing everyone else seems to be using.
I have also had some other ideas for the blog such as reviewing cookbooks as I seem to be buying more and more all the time (book depository in the UK has free shipping) and I have been refining a few of my own recipes.

I would also like to include more content on vintage items that I own or are sewing etc. as I think everyone who reads the blog is probably mainly interested in that.

I have updated my Blog lists on the left and added in quite a few more with vintage leanings. Here is a few pictures of what I am hoping to blog about soon:

Menu planning

Cookbook Review -Donna Hay

Menu Favorites

Breakfasts that I eat all the time (as in Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

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