Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to normal

Today is my first back at my old life - that is tutoring and conducting  at different places throughout the day.  So needless to say I do clock up some miles.  

However there are also times, like this morning hen I get to have a few hours in the morning after my first job, back at home.  I really to relish this time, not really to relax, but to get errands done or cleaning or like today work on my accounts and finish p jobs from yesterday.
So this morning I have:
  •  been to the petrol station
  • finished my make-up
  • taken pictures
  • worked out how to charge the camera - just change the batteries!
  • organised my music for the week
  • spent some time with coco
  • drunk a whole pot of coffee; and
  • still have some time left over.
I am really looking forward to my holiday - end of next week.  Not that I am going anywhere, but I can finish ordering the apartment and going through things.  I have found with my Beau away, I am getting more things done.  I don't know if it because I want to spend time with him or because I am trying to distract myself now - probably a bit of both.  

The pictures today are of my hair and outfit for today  not a true vintage outfit - but it does remind me of a late 40s silhouette for work - and of the friands I made for morning tea last Friday for my last day of "work".

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am hoping that this weekend will be filled with:

  • Catching up with friends
  • Watching old movies
  • Reading cookbooks
  • Vintage Shopping
  • Baking
  • Pin curling my hair
  • Reading lots of vintagey blogs
  • Learn how to charge the new camera so I can take some more photos for my blog
  • and no study - because I'm now on university holidays!!!!!
I cannot believe how fast my practicum went.  I thought that it would be boring being at the same school every days for 4 weeks, but instead I had a great time and didn't even run out of outfits (one of the other male teachers remarked he had never seen me wear the same thing twice).

I enjoyed it a lot but am glad it's over as I have felt bad about the amount of time I have spent away from my paid work (conducting) and am hoping they still remember me.  I have left them with very close friends though - so they should be playing better than ever before.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The week past

This week has been quite busy.  I have been on prac and had n exam but have still managed to follow all the blogs on my pages and feel inspired to do some vintage hair!  
Here is my hair from last night.  It involved some backcombing, pinning and hairspray.  I also did some Marilyn inspired make-up, with the wings.  I don't think it looked too over the top - especially when I had my glasses on.

The other photos are of my current half-macrobiotic breakfast (polenta with ginger, tamari and a coffee) and the view the other morning.  The light was just incredible - I wish I could take better photos to show just how wonderful it was.

The plan for my first Sunday no study to do is:
  • Be the Perfect Housewife and do dusting and washing until the cows come home.
  • Do some cooking today so during the week I will not be living on junk - well healthy junk but it's still not great.
  • Try not to miss my Beau too much - I haven't seen him for 15 days now - that's the longest it has ever been.
  • Watch Mona Lisa Smile
  • Hopefully go op-shopping and food shopping.
  • Visit my best friend, Christine, will she is at work and get a coffee

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favourite Things

Here are the most recent photos.

Some of of the Beau when I went to visit him at uni and the others are of our naughty pumpkin, helping me to set school lessons 

Daily Outfits

Here are some outfits make-up that I have been happy with lately.
The make-up is inspired by a Pixi-woo tutorial (sorry for the weird angle on the photo - it's hard to take one o your self).

Since looking at e\these photos again, I will be doing more ironing

Birthday Continued and a Wedding Venue

Here are a few more photos of my birthday and place where we are going to stay to decide if we will get married there.  It is Claremont House in Love Dale.

24th Birthday

Chrissy, Me, Beau, Doug, Phil, Barbie, Mallory, Ray (photo taken by Shane)

Chrissy, Me, Doug, Phil, Barbie, Mallory, Ray, Shane  (photo taken by Beau)

My hair and outfit


There are so many things that I would like to do today that have been inspired by all the lovely and amazingblogs I have been reading latley. 

Here is a list:

  • Sleep- in
  • Have brunch at someone's place
  • Go Vintage shopping
  • Go to the Macro 70% closing down sale.
  • Really focus on styling one room at a time using antiques and vintage pieces.
  • See my Marmee and go to the French Patisserie in the Rocks with her to get macaroons.
  • Have the Beau home.
  • Watch all of Mad Men Season 1 again.
  • Go for a walk to Long Reef Headland
  • Set my hair.
And now for the boring reality:

  • Going to a six year old birthday which has a princess theme.
  • Going and buying a coffee plunger to replace the one I broke while on practicum.
  • Study for an exam I have on Thursday (argh!)
  • Setting school work for the week for my new classes.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Doing 10 000 loads of washing.
To make this very boring list seem more interesting I will post stacks of pictures that have been lurking on the camera


Monday, June 8, 2009

Lovely Day

It is such a lovely (long) weekend!

The Beau is home until this afternoon.  When I will drive him back to university.  We will stop for lunch at Berrima which is lovely - I'm hoping to take some photos.  I actually have 10 000 photos to lad onto my blog, I just haven't had time to write.

This weekend we caught up with all our friends (it was my first day off from work too) and cooked a lot, ate more and are both nursing hangovers!  

Last night I made fresh ravioli, using egg wanton wrappers and they turned out so much better than making them from my own fresh pasta.  For the filling I used:

  • creme fraiche
  • lemon juice
  • roasted hazelnuts - ground up
  • salt
  • pepper
  • grando padano
The sauce that I served them with was olive oil warmed with dried chillis and anchovies.  

It was delicious but not filling enough for three hungry boys, so I also had salad and garlic bread.  Which also wasn't enough, so then they had leftover quiche and risotto!

Last time I drove home from the Beau's university there was a vintage car rally on.  Everyone who was in the car's had dressed up and looked amazing but it did so  down the already crowded freeway.  Today, I'm going to look a little vintage, but it's so cold and I have to wear all my warm vintage stuff to work, so I'll see what I come up with!
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