Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to normal

Today is my first back at my old life - that is tutoring and conducting  at different places throughout the day.  So needless to say I do clock up some miles.  

However there are also times, like this morning hen I get to have a few hours in the morning after my first job, back at home.  I really to relish this time, not really to relax, but to get errands done or cleaning or like today work on my accounts and finish p jobs from yesterday.
So this morning I have:
  •  been to the petrol station
  • finished my make-up
  • taken pictures
  • worked out how to charge the camera - just change the batteries!
  • organised my music for the week
  • spent some time with coco
  • drunk a whole pot of coffee; and
  • still have some time left over.
I am really looking forward to my holiday - end of next week.  Not that I am going anywhere, but I can finish ordering the apartment and going through things.  I have found with my Beau away, I am getting more things done.  I don't know if it because I want to spend time with him or because I am trying to distract myself now - probably a bit of both.  

The pictures today are of my hair and outfit for today  not a true vintage outfit - but it does remind me of a late 40s silhouette for work - and of the friands I made for morning tea last Friday for my last day of "work".

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