Friday, April 13, 2012

The secret is out...

So I know that I have not blogged in forever and my friends (that know I have a blog) have all asked why and here is the answer.  I am pregnant!

11 weeks and 2 days today.  It seems so surreal because I do not feel sick anymore and to look at me quickly I don't think you can tell but there you go.  On October 31st (or sometime near then), we will, God willing, have a baby.

Already some of my clothes are too tight to wear and be comfortable so I am going to have to go shopping.  It's coming into Winter here (Autumn really began this week with a freezing wind) so I can layer.  For inspiration I have been  watching Mad Men in Season 3 and 4 where Betty Draper and Trudy Campbell are pregnant but both of them seem to be pregnant in Summer.

Here is Betty just after she has had the baby but she is till in maternity wear

This is Betty in her new maternity dress for a big party - Derby Day at a country club.  I love her hair and make-up here and the belted waist of the dress but definitely not the sleeves.  I itch just looking at them.

This an at-home outfit of a skirt and smock style top.  I think that this would be the most comfortable to wear but again, not so great for Winter.

Here are the only photos that I could find of Trudy Campbell Pregnant.  The amazing shots on the left are from Tom + Lorenzo blog which breaks down each Mad Men episode and discusses all the fashion and a lot of the set as well.  I would like to think that if I decided to wear something similar to Trudy on the right to bed I would actually still be able to sleep.  I wish I could look that good when my tummy is that big.

Now for some pictures of two of the greatest style icons of the time, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.

Here Grace (Princess at this stage) is apparently quite pregnant and standing with one-time beau and fashion designer Oleg Cassini - fancy looking this good running into a ex?

I had to include one of the famous Kelly bag hiding the pregnancy - again with a coat.

These two are of Jackie.  One public and one private.  I love the amount of colour that Jackie wore.  I think the top picture convinces me to get a nice warm big coat to wear in Winter.

When I told my Grandma I was expecting she was telling me that she hates seeing pregnant tummies bare in public and she was telling me she used to have skirts with a cut-out bit for the belly.  I didn't know what she was talking about until I have seen the above illustration.  I think it's hilarious that none of the women illustrated are pregnant but I can see how the waistband of the dress expands to accommodate the growing baby.  Today skirt seem to be designed to wear under the tummy or have a giant elastic bit to go over the bump.

These two designs show how the smock style top covers the belly down to wear the skirt has the cut-out.  I think it would be hard to get them to sit right but they do look ok.  I think the green one at the bottom would be comfy for sleeping in.

I will maybe (depending how brave I am) do some outfit posts of what I wear as I progress.

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