Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thinking about the New Year

2011 has been a good year - I have had all the things that I need: employment throughout the year, family, friends, a nice house and yummy food.

 As 2012 approaches I am thinking of the things that I would like to do and cannot be bothered to do anymore!

I am trying to think back to my New Years resolutions for 2011 but cannot remember - and it seems that I didn't blog what they would be.  However, I did find my 2010 ones and they are:

Here are the resolutions I made for 2010:

  • Continue my quest to become a better vegetarian
  • I will go to church more. 
  • The Beau and I have decided to sit down together once a day for a meal.
  • Do exercise once a week (a walk or yoga counts). 
  • Not to let things I can't fix get me down.
  • Blog at least twice a week. 

I think that some of those can still apply (who doesn't include exercise in their resolutions?).  My husband and I do sit down together once a day, at the table, for a meal and I am a better vegetarian (ie. I check lollies and cheese). 

For 2012 my resolutions will be:

  • Blogging - do outfit posts more often.
  • Take better photographs and take photographs more often (this should help with the above item as well).
  • Join a local group where I can make some friends (all my friends are at least an hour away).
  • Stick to my budget better - I am doing well following one for bills etc but then I just go on the Book Depository!
  • Not take out my frustrations about little things on my husband (sorry darling).
  • Clean as I go - for example the office I am sitting in has piles of papers every where, there is clean folded washing but it is not away.  There are piles of things waiting to be finished all over the house.  I need to not just pile things up but put them away.

Here are some pictures of what I mean:

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