Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, So I like everyone else is falling madly for Pinterest.  I spend too much time musing on here about all the lovely things that I could eat, cook, make, take pictures of etc.

I am however finding it very useful to store the thousands of pictures that I do like and never seem to have time to bookmark.  It also allows me to group together ideas and edit them quickly to see what I really do like.

Pinterest has a function that allows you to search through all of the other "pinned" images on there.  I am finding it annoying that I cannot edit the board I see when I log in (a combination of everyone I follows pins) - some images I know that I do not like at all and some are offensive - I don't believe that yet there is a way to report things that are offensive but as they refine it I am sure that there will be. 

The above link takes you to my Pinterest page with my different boards.  I currently have them for things like recpies to try, menu ideas, decorating ideas, present ideas etc.  I would like to have a go at creating a few more boards that center around creating an outfit.  I am now no longer at work (a combination of Christmas holidays and a contract finishing) so would like to put together some looks from the masses of clothes I have but never seem to wear.

Here are a few outfits that I have liked in the past:

I like this one because it isn't black and I wear too much black to work.  I also love have a belted waist but I fins that no matter what I do my shirt never, ever stays tucked in. 

I love this dress and sadly it has been in my mending pile for about a year.  I love the simplicity of a dress, heels and a cardi.

I think that the tones work well in this outfit - it made me feel very grown up.
Here are some looks that I would like to try to recreate in the future:


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