Sunday, November 27, 2011

Up the Glamour

OK, so here I sit with no make-up on, unbrushed hair and hairy legs - while the lovely Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick visit Australia.

There is no excuse for me to make about it being too hot - just look how lovely and cool Mary looks and calm and put-together and like her cat wasn't sick in the washing machine.

As I emerge from the depths of report writing (150!) and job applications - 4 down - I am going to start looking once again like a modern girl with a vintage twist (maybe I should make a cocktail called that).

So every day:

  • clean hair - brushed and put-up
  • make-up before I start work
  • clothes that are suitable to the climate - I was caught out by the weather last week
  • A handbag that isn't ridiculously large and filled with junk that I don't need - and is so heavy that it makes me lean to one side
  • Nice shoes - or walking shoes for the walk to the office and a selection of nice shoes under my desk
  • My lunch is a bag that isn't covered in old stains (like the re-useable shopping bag I am using now)
  • My hands moisturised and not looking scaly
  • With - a smile on my face - because even if I am finding work difficult right now - it's not anyone's fault.

Here are some images to get an idea of what I would like for work:

  • Ok - so I like to wear skirts - I think that while pants can be more practical (did I mention I am directing the Infants Christmas Play ) I love wearing skirts - and I think that little girls like it too - they always comment on what you are wearing.
  • I like a belt - a small waist looks vintage and I have a huge selection of belts that I never wear!
  • Not black all the time - I know I r=teach music but that doesn't make Johnny Cash my patron saint of dressing - love his look though.

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