Monday, June 13, 2011

A wedding dress worthy of a Royal occasion

When the Royal wedding was going on I went over to my Uncle's for a British dinner and to watch all the festivities with my Grandparents and Uncle and Aunt. I wore the wedding dress of my great, great Aunt. I am amazed it fits because she is tiny - but I have to confess I took it off to eat!

I made veils for all the girls to wear out of some tulle I had and you will have to excuse the photos beacuase when I asked my Uncle to play photographer he got a bit carried away and started rolling on the floor Austen Powers style!

The dress is beautiful blues and greens and I am guessing was made for the wedding as there is no label in it. I hope the Duke and Duchess will be as lucky as my great, great Aunt and Uncle were - they were together until the day my Uncle Harry died and truly were happy in their match.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favourite Things

I know that I have not posted in forever but now that it is a long weekend and I am on the downward run to school holidays I am going to share with you my current favourite things:

Rooibos Tea

This is what I drink before I go to bed. It is also known as Red Tea and I think is most popular in South Africa. It is caffeine free but mostly I love the picture of the afternoon tea on the front.

I have been latley obsessed with the Royal Wedding and this blog has completely opened up the world of European Royalty to me. I love the style of these women and no have a new style crush on Princess Letizia of Spain. The blog also has details of where whom is wearing whom and where you can purchase the beautiful clothes and accessories. This blog also clearly demonstrates the need for a good hairdresser - there never so much shiny, layered beautifully blow-dried hair. Ever.

Books about Medieval Europe

I have been reading books like The Lady and the Unicorn, Lost Letters of Aquitaine, The Boleyn Inheritance. I find the descriptions of everyday like from this time so fascinating. It makes me wish I could have wine, bread and cheese for breakfast and wear jewels in my hair.

Good Sourdough Bread

I have been eating cheese and bread for breakfast lately with a mandarin and coffee (sadly no wine).


Well I don't know if it's really aromatherapy but I have been using my oil burner a lot lately and mainly the oil i am using is Ylang Ylang or Lavender. The Ylang Ylang one wakes me up and is a very cleansing, refreshing smell adn the lavender relaxes me and also reminds me of living at home (Mum used to burn Lavender Oil)

Mad Men Season 4

There is no need to elaborate.


This is an Australian book turned into a three part series for television. It's Perth in the 40s and 50s. This is what it is to be Australian.

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