Monday, June 13, 2011

A wedding dress worthy of a Royal occasion

When the Royal wedding was going on I went over to my Uncle's for a British dinner and to watch all the festivities with my Grandparents and Uncle and Aunt. I wore the wedding dress of my great, great Aunt. I am amazed it fits because she is tiny - but I have to confess I took it off to eat!

I made veils for all the girls to wear out of some tulle I had and you will have to excuse the photos beacuase when I asked my Uncle to play photographer he got a bit carried away and started rolling on the floor Austen Powers style!

The dress is beautiful blues and greens and I am guessing was made for the wedding as there is no label in it. I hope the Duke and Duchess will be as lucky as my great, great Aunt and Uncle were - they were together until the day my Uncle Harry died and truly were happy in their match.

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