Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week

I cannot believe how busy the last few days have been.  We had our engagement party and all the whoo ha ha that goes with it so no menu plan this week.  It's "eat whatever" as I cannot be bothered this week.

Other reason for not bothering:
*2 more weeks of school left
*Scary amount of uni work to do
*We have not money as we spent it all on the party

Also a bit sad because cannot fin day favourite blog - Porcelain Blonde.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Broccoli, Lemon and almond Pasta with grilled chicken

A very late one but first a review of last week:

My pasta without the chicken

It was fabulous!  I actually made everything I was supposed and both my beau and my brother thought things were great.   All the recipes were from Donna Hay (No Time to Cook - which is on the best seller lest this week).  See lasts week Menu Plan monday for a re-cap.

Creamy Potato and Porcini Soup

The soup was a knockout, as was the pasta.  The only thing I would say is that servings are huge compared to what I am used to - especially with regards to polenta - which couldn't keep.
This week is crazy for us... It's our engagement party Friday, so hopefully having food sorted will make it easier.

Mushrooms with Polenta and Goat's Cheese

Monday: Enchiladas (the boys have declared every Monday to be Mexican Monday!)

Tuesday: Mum's

Wednesday: Grandma's

Thursday: Minestrone Alla Milanese (p 250 of Spices, Seasonings and Herbs- the Definitive 
Cookbook - I'll let you know)

Friday - Engagement Party!!!

Saturday - Lamb chops and Baked Veggies with melted Halomi and Chili

Sunday - Jacket Potatoes with toppings (beans, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole,) and chicken 
breasts wrapped in ham with cheese inside.

Bon Appetit!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Playground

From the number of posts today, you may notice that I am catching up on  a lot of the photos I have been taking meaning to post.

Here are some pictures of my favourite place in my apartment - the Kitchen!

I have just done a bit of Autumn cleaning so thought while it's pretty clean (but it will always be cluttered) I should take some photos.

As you can see I do not have gas.  My favourite thing in this shot is my vintage canisters I bought at a flea market

This is the view from my kitchen window.  Pretty good,  I know.  In this shot you can also see all my La Parfait jars, which I try to fill with interesting looking things.

In this picture you can see some photographs.  They are of my family.  You can also see my pink appliances, which both my beau and brother love using (not)!

Here is a shot from the entrance to the kitchen .

This is most favourite breakfast at the moment.  Toast with guacamole (with stacks of tabasco), beautiful, fragrant tomatoes, basil and the strongest, freshly ground coffee - which i drink black - the whole pot!  I'm a bit greedy


It's definitely in the air.  

The sunrise the other morning

This morning I woke up early to go to the gym (Engagement party is in 2 weeks) and it was so chilly I had to close the windows before I could get changed! 

 I love Autumn.  I feel refreshed and able to do things.  Everyone speaks of the power of spring to get you motivated but I feel that way about Autumn.  

It reminds me of speding time in Armidale (where my university is) and of all the lovely people I meet there who were all so inspiring with tll the hard work they put in and all the goals they had for the future.  

The sunrise the other morning.  On March 1.  The first day of Autumn.

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I again, didn't really follow what i had planned except for on two days.  I think I see a trend emerging here...

I made Giada's tomato soup again (delicious) and i made a curry and pilaf rice to take to Church farewell dinner.  Plus I remembered to take a photo:

Here is the start of my Pilaf rice (rick cooked separately and then stirred through)

This weeks menu mostly comes from Donna Hay "No Time to Cook"

Monday: Taco's (my brothers choice)

Tuesday: mum's

Wednesday: Grandma's

Thursday: Potato and Porcini Soup (NTTC - p 94)

Friday: Broccoli, Almond and Lemon Pasta (NTTC- p 109)

Saturday: Polenta with Mushroom and Goats Cheese (p 47) and Lemon and Garlic Roast Broccoli and Cauliflower (NTTC p 145)

Sunday: Bruschetta/Flat bread Pizza

I'm also going out on a limb here and I promise to take a photo of everything I cook this week.  The camera is in the kitchen and everyone is on a pledge not to eat until I have taken the photo!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Whie I am waiting for a student to come to a lesson I am going to have a rant about the lack of vegetarian food and rave about all the lovely vegetarian food I have found:


  • The Newport Arms Brasserie - has one entree and one main. They don't even go together. Thai salad and Pasta


  • Barrenjoey House - has a whole vegetarian menu! But don't forget to ask for it.
  • the Thai and I - vegetarian Pad Thai with tofu is lovely (but I have a feeling they stil use fish sauce - I'll find out)
  • Curly's - The best vege option I have found for breakfast yet - a burrtio!

Please note that if I return to a resturant and it has a changed menu I will up-date in another blog.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

For some reason I cannot find where my menu plan when for last week but I know that I only followed it on Thursday and Sunday.

Highlights from the week are: 

  • potato cakes (Laura Calder- French Food at Home)
  • Leek and Potato Creme Soup (book from last week).

I also forgot to take photo which I'm working on.  At least one photo this week.  Promise.

This week the focus is not having to buy so much.  I am looking in the fridge/pantry and building meals around what I have rather than adding things I have to go and buy.  

Monday - Brown Rice Pilaf with pumpkin curry (prawns added for Beau)

Tuesday - Mum's

Wednesday - Grandma's

Thursday - Tomato Soup (Giada's again) and garlic bread

Friday - Veggie quiche (moved from last week)

Saturday - Pad Thai (to hopefully use up lots of stuff in fridge)

Sunday - Lamb chops and baked veggies (with tofu for me).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

For the month of February Organizing Junkie had a recipe challenge.  The idea was to organise all recipe books, binders and floating around bits of paper.  

I took up this challenge and even though I forgot to take photos of the before mess, here are the after shots:

This my whole bookcase of beautifully ordered cookbooks.  My vintage collection is middle shelf on the right.

These are the books that will be going to Vinnie's.  I probably bought most of them there for a few dollars so it's not too hard to give them back!

This has inspired me to use all the cookbooks that I have kept in my collection.  So, from now on each week will feature menu's from one specific cookbook, with some of my own reciepes thrown in - if needed.

This week's reciepe's come from A Treasury of Australia Cooking , published in 1962.

Monday: Baked stuffed Peppers (p 179).  With extra veggies.

Tuesday: Mum's

Wednesday: Grandma's

Thursday: Leek and poatao Creme Soup (p 25)

Friday: Potato Cakes (p81) with a piece of fish for the Beau.  Waldorf Salad (p 95)

Saturday Roast veggie quiche with feta (my reciepe).  And steak for Beau.

Sunday: Cheeseburgers (p 216).  Lentil burger for me. And Salad.

Last week's menu went quite well except I couldn't be bothered to make Involtini as it would have been just for me and I had too many wines before I decided to get dinner ready!  Also pea and pesto soup was not nice (sorry Nigella - it's the first ting I have made of her's that is not to my tast - sadly).  Also did not make Pasta e fagoli as couldn't be bothered when Beau saw the picture and said he wouldn't eat it.

I am going to endevour to take more pictures of what I make as most of the receiepe books I use do not have pictures.  Here is the dreamy Penne Alla Vodka (from Ms Lawson) - but with bow-tie pasta.

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