Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To do before Christmas

I have so much to do before Christmas just like everyone else but to try to motivate myself  - and out off actually doing anything I thought that I would post a to-do list.

We have friends coming over on the 23rd and for that I need to:

  • Take the duck and turkey out of the freezer and put in the fridge (has anyone else heard the Alan Rickman answering machine on Family Guy) to defrost in time.
  • Go shopping and buy the rest of the food
  • Make a list of all the things I need to buy
  • Finish putting everything we own back in its place after we moved all the furniture and contents to have new bamboo floors laid
  • Finish wrapping all the presents which are strewn over the guest bedroom.
  • Finish making presents so that I can complete above item.
  • Clean the kitchen so I can do the above two items
  • Put up Christmas decorations so it actually looks a bit festive- we have only got a wreath on the front gate so far.
  • Clear out the fridge to make room for all the drinks.

For Christmas Day I need to:

  • Make 2 vegetarian items (one for lunch and one for dinner) so that I will have something to eat.  Though I do find it annoying that everyone wants to try them and that there will be none left for me to have seconds if I am still hungry - though still being hungry on Christmas Day has never happened in the whole history of my family I am sure.

In general I need to:

  • Go and buy some 5c stamps so that I can send my Christmas Cards - these need to go today so that people get them before Christmas.
  • Take a photo of my outfit today for a Daily Outfit post.
  • Watch some TV while eating Christmas cake and drinking tea (hopefully Poirot).
  • Finish cleaning all the saw dust that has made its way into everything that we own when they cut all the skotia for the floors
  • Finish making labels for presents.  I have made everything pretty much this year and will take some photos of all the food, drinks and wrapping that will hopefully eventuate!