Sunday, June 21, 2009

The week past

This week has been quite busy.  I have been on prac and had n exam but have still managed to follow all the blogs on my pages and feel inspired to do some vintage hair!  
Here is my hair from last night.  It involved some backcombing, pinning and hairspray.  I also did some Marilyn inspired make-up, with the wings.  I don't think it looked too over the top - especially when I had my glasses on.

The other photos are of my current half-macrobiotic breakfast (polenta with ginger, tamari and a coffee) and the view the other morning.  The light was just incredible - I wish I could take better photos to show just how wonderful it was.

The plan for my first Sunday no study to do is:
  • Be the Perfect Housewife and do dusting and washing until the cows come home.
  • Do some cooking today so during the week I will not be living on junk - well healthy junk but it's still not great.
  • Try not to miss my Beau too much - I haven't seen him for 15 days now - that's the longest it has ever been.
  • Watch Mona Lisa Smile
  • Hopefully go op-shopping and food shopping.
  • Visit my best friend, Christine, will she is at work and get a coffee


Anonymous said...

Love the back view of your hair...keep up the good work

vintage_bel said...

Thanks Gingeyginge, will do.

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