Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Things

I have just finished reading Lobster and Swan blog and she had been forwarded on a 7 thing post.  I think that's how it works - anyway - she has asked everone reading to lost 7 things about themselves too.  I know I enjoy reading what people think about themselves so I thought I would give it a go:

1.  I have a terrible will power.  
No matter how hard I try or want something I am a shocker when it comes to keeping promises to myself.  I have no one else to blame but myself and it disgus
ts me that I cannot stick to things that should be easy like cleaning the kitchen.  Strang
e though - give me 6 years of university study and I'm your gal.

2. I used to be a flight attendant.
I only did it for 6 months while I was in my final year of university and it was a nightmare coordinating flight schedules and classes.  I flew for a Regional Australian airline on the Dash series - where you are sometimes the only flight attendant.  I found it similar to working in a  bar but with heels and and much less sleep.  The most glamourous part was having a pilot offer to put your suitcase in the hold for you or wheeling your suitcase around the terminal (for all of about 3 minutes!)

3.  I love musicals.
I don't know if this is such a surprise.  And it's not just any musical - give me Rodgers and Hammerstein and Gordon McRae any day.  Deep down all I want is a strong man to sort out money and a house and for me to feel looked after and then for him to burst into song and whisk me around the lounge room in some choreographed number.  Disgustingly anti-feminist I know.  It won't happen but I can dream about it.

4.  I have a linen problem.
This has a little to do with my will power but I cannot stop buying linen's.  Not just any linens but beautiful damask and embroidery.  I see them in the shop and think that some lovely person has spent hours working on it and it's so sad that it's now not treasured by anyone. 

5.  I love reading Patrick O'Brien
Naval books really do it for me.  I think I have a huge crush on Jack even though he is almost everything I despise in a man - cheating and ungrateful - he has this strange sense of loyalty and fairness that I find in myself. 

6.  Confrontation
I hat confrontation with anybody - people at the supermarket in my personal space, people who push in the queues, restaurant who mess up my order.  But the flip side is that a have a hot temper so most of the time I just make a horrible face and simmer away for the rest of the day - I have a hard time letting go.

7. Composing
I studied music composition at the Sydney Conservatoiurm for my undergraduate degree and have note so much as written a single note since I left.  I feel like I was a bit of an imposter while I was there, as writing for me was not because I had to but because I was good at it.  I want to write something but maybe I'm just afraid that what will come out is not "right" or "good" but I should get over myself and give it a go.

Now at the end of the post of Lobster and Swan everyone who read the post was asked to post 7 things about them so I will do the same.  Please link to your post in the comments section so I can find about more about you!

To make this post a bit more interesting I have included some random photographs of myself and various people.

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Ms. B said...

I have a linen collecting problem as well. It actually skipped 2 generations as my great-grandmother was a hoarder of them too!

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