Saturday, March 13, 2010


I know that I haven't done a post now for about 2 (or maybe it's 3) weeks.  I have not been keeping up with menu planning because I have been busy tracking calories over at Livestrong so I can fit into my wedding dress (the wedding is in August)!

But money has been an issue lately as I still have not found a full time job for when we move (April 1oth) and since I have not been planning the menu I have been spending about an extra $50 a week and have been throwing away a ton on food - which I hate doing - especially when it's meat.

I also have a few photos of things that have been going on:

After reading a few blogs talking about a Middy hair cut I decided to go and get one.  It is great and the hairdresser I had was an older lady and I explained it to her and then she said "It sounds like you want a Middy".  I am so glad she knew what I was talking about.  In the past I have bee a bit reluctant to tall the hairdresser what I want thinking that they may laugh at me etc - but all the other vintage girls having amazing hair gave me the confidence!

This photo was taken the day after I got it cut and this is what it looked like after being pinned for the night (but not a wet set or done very well at all).

The Beau and I went to the Blue Mountains for the day.  It was freezing - the first real day of Autumn that we have had - the leaves were beginning to change colour there and while walking around in the bust our breath was coming out frosty.  Here is a picture of us both together from a look out where the Three Sisters are:

I have also been trying out some new things in the kitchen.  This is my new regular breakfast.  It is like a healthy version of Bircher muesli.  

It is:

  • Oats soaked in a but of water
  • Half a grated apple
  • Some blueberries
  • Greek yoghurt (I make my own using the Easiyo because it has no sugar)
I have found that it really fills me up until lunch time.  Especially when I drink it with my whole pot of coffee.

This is what I made for the Beau's Valentine's Day present.  It is a paella kind of.  I used paella rice but did not add chicken or chorizo so I could have some.  It does have seafood - prawns, calamari and Moreton Bay bugs.  It was delicious.

Here is another breakfast I have made to try and use up things in the pantry for when we move.  It is just gluten free pancake mix with pear jam and greek yoghurt.  I couldn't believe how well the pear works in a jam.  I love pear and am so excited that it is Autumn and I can eat as many as I like.

Finally, as I mentioned it is getting colder so here is my jacket of choice for the moment.  It is a 60s number I think that I got a Salvation Army store.  I love the colours and collar but best of all is the sleeve length.  It would be perfect for showing off one of those bracelets with coins on them.  I have never yet seen one at the shops - but fingers crossed one will turn up at Vinnies.

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