Saturday, August 20, 2011


Tofu scramble from last week. Based on the one for Skinny Bitch in the Kitch

Here is the menu for the coming week:

B - Coffee and pear and ginger muffin
L - Leftover Mexican beans and salad
D - Baked sweet potato with haloumi and candied olives (add chicken for the meat-eater)

B - Oatmeal with chia seeds and raw almonds
L - Leftover gratin of cabbage and lentils
D - Caramelized onion and Brussels sprout soup (a Sophie Grigson recipe).

B - Toast with peanut butter
L - Leftover soup and roll
D - Flatbread pizzas (husband to make these)**

B - Fruit, yogurt and nuts
L - Leftover soup and a roll
D - Leftovers/takeaway (giving blood and I never feel great after)

B - Oatmeal with blueberries and agave
L - Desk meal (usually soba noodles in miso)
D - Rice paper rolls with satay sauce

Saturday - one year wedding anniversary!
B - Pancakes with butter, sugar and lemon (bacon and maple syrup for him)
L - Out
D = Pumpkin soup and crumbed cutlets (husbands favourite)

B - Coffee and pear and ginger muffin
L - Falafel with hummus and apple pie with cream (Sophie Grigson again)
D - Leftovers

** - These are actually made with naan breads and leftover bits and pieces and only take a few minutes under the grill. The idea came from the one Nigella has in Express (hers has mushrooms and fomtina cheese).

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