Thursday, October 6, 2011

Menu Plan

So here is the first version of the meal plan that is supposed to be happening paperless but without something like Adobe what-ever-it-is I cannot use any of the cute templates that exist already that I have pinned on my Pinterest Board. So I have attempted to create something in a word processing thing and then save it as a PDF and then upload it as a picture. It may be great, it may be a disaster. Then I can also print it out and stick it to the fridge which is where my husband looks every time he is hungry anyway.

Our schedules are never as set as I would like them to be so you will see some dashes where there is no need to make a meal because I won't be there to cook it, or we aren't home etc. The squares that are in pale green indicate a meal idea that I have used from my Pinterest board so if you are keen for a recipe most of them link to that. I also wanted to explain that the reason I am so pedantic about doing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is that I have minimal time at home during the week as I have a long commute to work. It is so much easier to know to put things aside at dinner for breakfast and lunch so in the morning I just have to make my coffee and go (I eat breakfast at work).

The Jill Dupleix book I am using this week is Lighten Up. Jill Dupleix is quite a big deal here is Australia. Her and her husband Terry Durack review a lot of the very important restaurants for awards and they are also friends with everyone in the industry - so while I don't think she is a trained chef she is an expert eater with a highly tuned palate. I have just had a quick look at her website and there are tons of recipes there - score!

I have also tried to use specific ingredients - like things that weren't on my list but that I couldn't resit buying or ingredients that I need to use. The ingredients I wanted to use this fortnight were: Fennel, Beetroot, Cabbage, Black Eyed Peas, Porcini, Puffed Millet, Yellow Split Peas, Celery, Laksa paste, Bread, Pumpernickel, Pecans, Red Capsicums and Oranges. I didn't get to use them or so some will end up thrown out, feed to the worms or onto next fortnight's meal plan.

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