Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have just finished reading the first chapter of Nigellissima and I have had it in the house for about 30 minutes!

For some reason I have been feeling like spaghetti almost day - I even made it for breakfast the other day - with a tomato-y sauce and the whole first chapter is dedicated to - as you would expect - pasta.  And even better news is that apart from one or two of the recipe's, being a pesce-tarian I can eat them all.  Not too heavy on the pancetta (unlike some other Italian books I have).

Go and get it!

Look out for my new menu which no doubt will heavily feature from this book.

As I read more of it (and put off doing the baby room) I will update you.

PS - If you are in Australia I got mine (and Mum's) for $28 from Big W - where they say the RRP is $49.95! I was going to post the link to buy it online but it doesn't seem to be available online yet.

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