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Top 10 Recipes and the Barefoot Contessa

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Do you know who the Barefoot Contessa is?  If you have Foxtel or cable you may have come acroos her, otherwise in Australia you are unlikely to have any clue.  She is Ina Garten, who began her food career with a gourmet food shop and catering business and now has many cookbooks and a TV  cooking show.

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Ina Garten lives in the Hamptons with her husband Jefferey in the most beautiful house.  I recommend just watching the show for a glimpse of her garden (here is a website that has many beautiful pictures of her place).  You can find her blog here and her main website here. I find most of Ina's recipes too rich (my husband has dubbed her 10-tonne Tessa - in a loving way you understand) and seasoned too much for my taste but she does have some great shortcuts and ideas for parties.  Her webside has both recipes and menus.

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On one episode I remember Ina saying if you have 10 great recipes that you do well, and then three variations of each recipe you will have a repertoire that can deal with most scenarios.  I have been thinking for awhile what my 10 dishes would be - it has been hard to think of what my 10 core recipes are.  I thought that I would do a series of posts showing my 10 recipes and their variations.  I also think that one could add another series on what you can make from the leftovers from any of these meals to get an even greater variety of dishes.

So far here are my 10:

  1. Risotto
  2. Roast Vegetables with cheese
  3. Pizza
  4. Vegetable Soup
  5. Curry
  6. Pasta Salad
  7. Fish Cakes
  8. Vegetable Tart/Quiche
  9. Chilli
  10. Roast Chicken

As you will notice most of these are vegetarian.  Having one vegetarian and one omnivore in the house, I have had to come up with dishes that both of us will eat with only one thing added or taken away for the other.   With a baby who is also having solids I also have been trying to think of foods that can be given to him without salt that will not mean having to cook another meal!

What are your top 10 dishes?

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