Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have not posted in ages as so much in my life is changing right now and it seems pointless to put any of it down in writing as it may change at any moment.

My Beau is about to finish his studies and we have been given our posting.  It is not in Sydney - which is nice as we want to move anyway but we don't know where to move to and we cannot decide on the same place.  We keep on tossing up between the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.  

I have finished my university studies and so am now certified to teach secondary music.  I will start applying for a full-time job as soon as I know where I will be living.  

I have resigned from all of my current teaching posts as I do feel like I am ready to move on from all those schools and people.  I love them all and will miss them but I do feel like a change.  I am a bit scared as this will be the first time I am unemployed in about 7 years!  On the other hand I am looking forward to setting up a house and garden and being a good wife to be.

I wish that this was more interesting for everyone to read but I just had to write (or type) it out so I can not worry about it so much!

PS.  It is disgustingly hot here.

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