Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Menu Planning

Now that it is almost 2010 and New Year's Resolutions are being made I am getting in early and going to start getting back to my menu planning.

Week beginning 1/1/10

This week I am using two books:

Eat Me Now - Melanie Brown Waxman

Practically Macrobiotic Cookbook by Keith Michell

Both of these books are concerned with Macrobiotic principles which I try to follow but often without much success - not because of the food but because of my terrible lack of will power.


B: Bannock's with hummus and miso soup
L:Falafel in a pita with tahini, tomato, mint and carrot
D: Lamb cutlets (for the Beau), mash, broccolini


B: Fried mushrooms on bread and Bancha tea
L: Lentil Patty with Satay sauce and a miso soup
D: Home made Pesto with wholemeal pasta and a garden salad and steak for friends that are coming over.


Also on Sunday I will made bread in my breadmaker, a huge lot of brown rice and friands (for my Beau to take to his new job)

B: Bannock with tahini and marmalade.  Porridge with vanilla soy milk
L: Brown rice sushi and miso soup
D: Prawn Toast, Edamame, Lettuce and Pea Soup


B: Polenta with soy and pickled ginger
L: Vegetable Soup (or leftover soup) and brown rice
D: Chile with TVP mince


B: Scrambled tofu with mushrooms and broccolini
L: Miso Soup, Guacamole and corn chips, Millet Crush (with sweet potato)
D: At my Mum's - so something delicious.


B: Brown rice with umeboshi and gomashio
L: Millet crush, pickled cucumbers and leftover soup
D: At my grandma's so will probably be baked veggies and a veggie "chicken" schnitzel


B: Porridge with stewed fruit, Bancha tea
L: Brown rice salad (with corn and avocado)
D: Leftover's from the last few days.

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