Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Last Sydney Suppers

I can't believe how long I haven't posted for - it seems a life time ago.  

We are now installed at our new home and things are almost where they should be.  The main comment everyone seems to have is "how did you fit all this stuff into a 2 bedroom apartemnt?  It isn't going to fit in this 3 bedroom house!".  I have a lot of teacups, yes, and linens, and kitchen gadgets but I really do need them all.

Here are some photos of our last meals in Sydney.  I haven't taken any photos of food and emals in the new house because I couldn't find the camera but know I now where it is!  

This is a dinner that Mum made us.  Satay chicken.  It is the best and was one of my favourites when I ate meat.   But I am a very spoiled girl so I get satay veggies...

Mum's satay sauce is the best  (I think it is really me step-fathers recipe) - it could be the amount of peanut butter in it but also love the fresh coriander.

For sweets we had custard posts topped with whipped cream and fresh lime.  Very naughty but heavenly and smooth. 

Here is what I had the next day trying to make-up for my indulgence the night before - it is a sweet potato and red lentil soup with a swirl of truffle oil on it.  It is starting to get cold here (actually the weather cannot decide what to do as today is warm) I am trying to have soup once a day to up the veggies.

Here is the last meal I cooked for my brother and Beau.  We had been living together for over a year and had all grown close.  I miss living with my brother as he always knows how to make me laugh and took me to the organic food markets for macadamia nut brownies once a week. The above is spicy tomato mussels, salad and fresh pickled cucumbers.

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