Friday, September 3, 2010


I am now a newlywed!
We got married one week ago today and it was lovely. We have not received all our photos from our photographer but I do have some to show you. Here they are...

This is the view of the mountain behind we got married at Broke. I love the colours of the landscape.

This is when we are ready to leave the house. My bridesmaid was Jessy (right) and my Maid-of-Honour Christine (left).
This is before I walked into the room of waiting people! We were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony but it was too windy.
Saying our vows.

My favourite things on the day were:
  • my Maid-of-honour making me pancakes for breakfast.

  • Doing all the flowers myself. It was great to spend time with my family and friends the night before playing with flowers and ribbon (and saving a small fortune)

  • The amazing wedding cake made by our friend.

  • The sheep in the paddock next to the cottage we got ready in.

  • My dress and everything just "working" together on the day.
I will post more pictures as they come in.

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