Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010 Fifties Fair

As the 50s Fair was only 2 days after our wedding I didn't think the Beau would feel like going. But he did. He even went in the Best-Dressed contest. However he didn't win (the man next to him on the right - with suspenders - won). The contest was being judged by the ever-lovely Pia Anderson.

These two ladies were the finalists in the female best-dressed. The lady on the right won.

This is a guy we met there who had an amazing Wanderers Jacket. Apparently all his cousins have the jackets and they go around singing and everything! No one else was dressed like him there. He also went in the best dressed competition.

Amazing Hair - wonder how long it took.

These two ladies I thought looked great. I love the hair under the hat.

Here is a shot that the Beau took. We are having tea out of our vintage picnic set. It was good except the Bakelite plastic taste made me feel sick! Any ideas how to get hid of it without hurting the Bakelite?

This is Rose Sidler House from where we were sitting on the hill in front of the bandstand. In past years we haven't gotten a seat just walked around. This meant that we felt a bit pushed and so left early and missed all the competitions and music. I think that next year we will try and get a spot on the hill again.

This is the Beau and my father-in-law checking out a car near where we parked. I love that colour!


Anonymous said...

I think your hair looked the best out of all the gals to be honest. :)

vintage_bel said...

Thanks N. It got a bit squashed by my hat but it did turn out well.

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