Friday, January 21, 2011

New Years

I know that this post is a bit late but I have just arrived back from my honeymoon to discover some nice surpirses in my inbox - not just bills. It was a selection of photos from New Years Eve. These photos have been taken by the photographer extraordinaire who did all our wedding photos.

For New Years Eve it's traditional in my family to head to my Grandma and Grandpa's to watch the 9 pm family fireworks from their balcony overlooking Manly. There is always a great buzz in the air with people camping out almost the whole day to get a good view from the beach - however as my family is obsessive about real estate and having views - I am lucky enough to get to watch the fireworks with the best view, without camping out, with air conditioning and a lovely bathroom.

I think that the city out did themselves as usual - with our family fireworks going on for almost 20 minutes. I do feel a bit sorry for all the bats and Lorikeets though that hate the noise.

For dinner it's usually salad, BBQ (rotisserie) chicken and buttered bread. My Mum made a pavlova for sweets - it's Nigella's and always turns out delicious. I made the same one for my husband to take to work on Christmas Day as he worked and it was a big hit.

The Pavlova

Before I started to get ready Mum and I were watching the 2005 Pride and Prejudice and I have fallen in love with another red head - Kelly Reilly. In the film she play Caroline Bingley and I just love the hair and skin and how they work it beautifully with the clothes. I also think the soft hair and flowing lengths of the gown really show that underneath her ice-cool exterior and acid tongue she has a softer side. I also wish my lips were as full as hers.

I tried to model my hair on the style that she wears during the day and the parting that she has at the ball.

Finally here is my Mum and I before dinner looking very glamorous.

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