Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favourite things to do on a Rainy Day

Today it is seriously raining here. So much so that I have declined going to a family birthday in Sydney because I do not feel comfortable driving in rain this heavy. So I thought I would share my favourite things to do on a rainy day with you.

Watch Old Movies:

I have also included some pictures of Cyd Charisse from Singing in the Rain. Can you imagine having legs like that? And also of the brother Ephraim in Seven Brides. He looks a lot like my husband!

My all time favourites are:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Singing in the Rain
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Walk along the beach

I love it when there is the taste of salt in the air, a huge surf and it is windy and cold. Nothing is more refreshing or soul resorting that walking along on your own and then coming home and having a cup of tea in a lovely vintage cup.


These are some pictures of my library at home as it is today. Most of the books o the tall bookshelf are to do with music and all the books on the low bookshelf are cookbooks as are many on the floor.

At the moment I am re-reading the Patrick O'Brien naval series (there are 20 books and a unfinished manuscript) for the 6th time and then my lovely friend has lent me My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares so that will be next.

But I also enjoy reading particular cookbooks when it rains. Namely, Nigel Slater Tender I, Nigella Lawson's How to Eat.

I also like Bombshell Manuel of Style by Laren Stover, Ann Veronica H. G Wells, Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden, A Foreign Affair by Valarie Barnes and My Life in France by Julia Child.

Playing computer games

I know that this is not a very vintage thing to do but I got into computer games when I was trying not to spend any money and didn't have a job. They fill out the day amazingly. I like strategy games where you have to build up a city or something like that. I remember at school learning how to play Sim City and the ones I play now are similar in style, They are Ceaser, Napolean Total War, Clepoatra and Pharoah. I also play some games on Facebook but I do not like how you have to ask your frineds who also play to send you materials to finish quests etc. as I am a bit embarrased at my childish gaming tendency!

Budgeting, List making, Menu writing

I know that this also sound odd but nothing gives me greater satisfaction that working out a budget and playing with figures. I think that there must be some part of my brain that loves reasoning. I always write out to-do lists, menus, shopping lists and I am always using them. I also like to do all these things by hand. I have notebooks full of lists and names of things I want to read, listen to, try cooking, research.

The top image is from Lushlee a blog that I stumbled across while looking for beautiful notebooks. The bottom image is a tutorial to create a vintage style notebook.

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