Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have a new reader - My Grandma! My Mum showed her my blog and she mentioned that she liked seeing my menu's so I am going to begin posting them again for her along with the stacks of pictures that I take of my food. I know it's not very vintage but a lot of my crockery and recipe books are so it does fit in - sort of!

All of the meat mentioned will be cooked separately for my husband. He does shift work so if he is not home for dinner I just don't bother with it.

Also mu husband is learning to cook so he cooks dinner all on his own once a fortnight. He is very good a roasting veggies but not so good at the more involved things yet.


B - Pear and Ginger muffin
L - Mac and cheese with leftover veggies
D - Carrot fritters from Nigel Slater Tender I (page 174) and baked Moroccan chicken breast


B - Cheese, tomato, dried fruit and nuts
L - Indian ready meal - there are some really good long life ones at the supermarket now which are quite authentic
D - Vegetable pasties


B - Peanut butter toast
L - Leftover pastie
D - Ceaser Salad with smoked chicken breast


B - Oatmeal with yogurt and blueberries
L - Leftover carrot fitters
D - Broccoli and cheese sauce with steak - husband to cook


B - Fruit with soy yogurt and some nuts
L - leftovers
D - Spanikopita with lamb chops


B - Bagels with smoked trout and cream cheese
L - Breakfast is late on Saturday so no lunch
D - Vegetable Korma from Nigel Slater Tender I (page 394)


B - Hot Cross Buns with stacks of butter
L - leftovers
D - Roast veggies with haloumi and pork belly

Here are some pictures of what I have been cooking lately and a few other things:

These are of the planter boxes on our balcony. In one is basil and wormwood and in the other chili's (Birdseye, Habanero and Serrano). I read that if you cut up a chili and wormwood and mix it in a spray bottle with water it makes a great bug spray. I haven't tried it yet - but that's the plan.

Creme Caramel from Bill Granger's new book. It has coconut cream in it which I found too overpowering so will not make it again. He also stipulated to cook the caramel for awhile until it is butterscotch - which I cannot manage to do without it burning. Also that eggs curdled a bit. Not a success though it looks pretty.

This is a recipe from Annabel Langbien. Zucchini and Prawn Bruschetta. It was delicious and you don't have to cook the zucchini. It also has feta cheese in it. The top picture also has steak and ranch dressing.

Obligatory picture of Coco.

This a recipe from Giada De Lauretnis. It is a pasta bake that used a prohibitive amount of cheese. I did not think that it had a lot of flavour despite all the cheese. There are better bakes in her earlier books.

Nigel Slater Tender Volume I. Addictive - especially as bedtime reading.

Bread and Butter pudding with custard made from scratch. My favourite desert.

A Donna Hay reciepe. Pumpkin and feta salad. It was good but I had Greek feta and I think the creamy Danish feta would have worked better here. The grain at the bottom is quiona.

Flambeing Crepe Suzette. This was delicious. I had no idea how much butter and sugar was in them. I have since made this twice and each time I manage to get the crepes thinner but they still are not perfect. Excuse the un-made up Sunday morning face.

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