Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Menu Plan

This week is a pretty busy one - I am preparing for a two week full-time teaching stint, it's our 2 year wedding anniversary and Father's Day and my brothers birthday - so there is a lot of planning which is why this menu is later than usual.

Week 1

B - Poached egg on toast
L - Tuna on bagel
D - Spaghetti with chili, garlic and prawns and salad

B - Tofu scramble
L - Quesilldillas
D - Kedgeree - made with brown rice


B - Muesli and yoghurt
L - leftovers
D - Roast vegetable with cheese


B - Pancakes
L -
D - Two Year Anniversary dinner - Crumb lamb cutlets, mash potato, baby carrots, green beans and Parfait!

B - Peanut butter bread
L - Leftovers
D  - Savoury crepe bake - vegetables and b├ęchamel sauce

B - Oatmeal with chia, banana and maple syrup
L = Satay Noodles
D - Burritos


B - Fruit and yoghurt
L - Rice bowl
D - Leftovers

Week 2

B - Peanut butter bread
L - Salad box with tuna
D - Homemade pizza


B - Omlettes
L - Soup with cheesy croutons
D - Avocado and cob salad with sausages

B - Crepes
L - Fathers Day Lunch - family do
D -
Fathers Day Dinner - different family do

B - Oatmeal with chia, banana and maple
L - leftovers
D - Vegetable korma with basmati


B - Oatmeal with blueberries
L - Veggie sticks with dip, cheese and crackers
D - Chestnut and Lentil soup from Just Hungry
(so good I haven't even bothered to try Nigella Lawson's version and that's saying something!)

B - Peanut butter toast
L - Tuna sandwich
D - Brothers Birthday Dinner

B - Muesli and Yoghurt
L - Cheese and tomato toastie
D - Poached eggs on croque Monsieur

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