Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Only a few more days until school holidays and I can't wait. I am very ready to be able to focus on my university work and then going on holiday with my Beau.

We are going to the Gold Coast and i have a sneaky feeling that this might be the place to find mounds of vintage stuff. I'm hoping that they aren't into vintage too much there. The same hopefully can be said of all the towns we will be stopping at on the way there and back. Which means I will pobably have spent all my money before we get there.

We have taken an apartment that is self-contained so I will still be able to plan my menu and hopefully post some photos.

Before we head off though we are heading to the Sydeny Royal Easter Show. It is one of favourite events of the whole year. last year i won a ribbon for my Dark Plum Jam (Highly Commened). This year I have entered a Savoury Pesto (new category), 2 dessert sauces (a light plum and a mocha - these add up to one category) and a plum jam again. However this year there is no seperation between light plum jam and dark plum jam so I don't know how I'll go with more competitors. I would love a place ribbon. Even a third!

I got the Beau to take some photos on his new camera so I will post them before we go on hols. i have an assignment due on April 13th so I'm sure that will be a great way to procrastinate!

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