Friday, April 10, 2009

I have just watched the first day of the Gilmore Girls marathon.  And in a Gilmore fashion I have let myself become completely drawn away from my real task today which was - do my assignment that is due MONDAY!  

This is my sixth year of university - you think that by now I would have learnt that by turning on the TV and beginning to watch the fifth season of a show I like that I would not get said work done.

To try and make amends I am now roasting  some pumpkin for dinner and am on to my second load of washing and will try and do the first part of my assignment tonight.  You see, that's the thing about those Gilmore girls - they have time to do lot's of procrastinating, look perfect always and are both successful at what they do.

But enough whining and here begins the discussion on the reasons I watched the whole fifth series today and my thoughts:

  1. Rory's Pool House - which her grandfather dubbed "the sex house", which he also states cost $40 000 to redecorate.  It is beautiful though with white and a kind of lime green and a pink and white striped brushed silk lounge.  I want her kitchen tiles!
  2. It's very exciting about Luke and Loreli
  3. Who the hell is the dog named after?
  4. Logan is an ass-hole no matter what he does or will do in future episodes (I kind of sneaked a look when looking for a picture of Ror'ys Pool House)

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