Friday, April 24, 2009


Here are some happy snaps from our holidays in Queensland.

This photo was taken at the Tambourine Mountains Botanic Gardens

Compared to the rest of Mt. Tambourine this place was lovely and quiet.  It is all run by volunteers and they have done a great job of making different areas of the gardens into features.  There is a Japanese Garden, a Rose Garden, A Camellia Garden etc.

This was also taken at the botanical gardens

This is also taken at the botanical gardens overlooking their Lily pond.

This is a something possum from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  

We saw quite a few animals there.  We thought it was a it like Australia Zoo only more down-to-Earth and not as expensive.  We took our lunch that I made (sandwiches) bought a coffee and had a sort of picnic lunch overlooking the lake they have there.  I hadn't visited there since I was a litlle girl so I was glad to see that it is still popular.

The Beau got some great pictures of kangaroos, wombats and koala's.  I thought the best thing was the aviaries you can walk through.  It was amazing to sit still in there and after a few minutes to spot all this life moving around you.  It felt very special.

Here we are both at the Bird Sanctuary on the train that takes you around the park.

This is the view from the Q1 tower.  

This view is facing South and you can actually see where we stayed.  The photo is taken from the 77th floor.  It doesn't feel that high when you first look out but when you move to the edge and then look straight down it did make e feel a bit dizzy.  Visitors are able to walk up to the 78th floor where there is a mesh window and you can feel the wind up there.  It wasn't windy when we went up but as it faces West, we watched the sun set over Mt Tambourine.

This photo is on the train at Tropical Fruit World

This is the big Avocado at Tropical Fruit World.

This is the most organized tour of a park I have ever been on.  I love nature and wanted to stroll around looking at plants and smelling the fruits - but- you are not allowed to walk and have to get towed around by a tractor.  The you go on a boat.  The you go a mini-train.  Then you go on the tractor then you go to a fruit tasting and you're done!  I couldn't believe how fast it went.

It was quite expensive here ($75 for both of us).   Lucky I bought lunch and there was the fruit tasting.  We did buy some souvenirs here for our family and ourselves but you do feel that you are being ripped off a tad.

My hair for the races

On Doncaster Day we went to the Gold Cast Races and it was one of the best things we did on our holiday.  It was a beautiful day and there were not too many people about.  We both came out about even and had fun dressing up.

But now for the sad part - it's over!  Back to work on Wednesday!

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