Saturday, February 13, 2010

Menu Planning - But no photos - again!!!!!

Ok so I still cannot find the battery recharger and may just have to face facts this week and use the Beau's much harder to use older camera.

Last week I went so over budget that I only had half this weeks budget to do a shop - and I really felt it because we signed our mortgage documents this week and I saw how much bah blah blah.  I know everyone is in the same boat.

There does seem to be quite a few vintage people looking into kitchen design etc because they are moving or are doing up their kitchen's.  Our new kitchen has NO storage space or pantry, or dishwasher so I will have to come up with some clever ideas on how to make everything fit once we move. I love the ingenious hidey holes in the kitchen posts over at 50s Gal.

Last week's highlights were Giada's gnocchi (be sure to really mash up the potatoes into the finest mush possible) and the Food Safari Spanakopita which was delicious with the unexpected taste of fresh dill.  I also made a Dahl from the Food Safari book which was amazing and made of things I had in the store cupboard.  I think it even tasted better than the one I have from the Indian restaurant.

Picture of Gnocchi with Butter Thyme Sauce Recipe
This picture is from Food Network and is Giada's Gnocchi with Thyme Butter Sauce

This week I am not really using any cookbooks as I am trying just to use what we have to keep costs down, however some of the recipes I have made before.


B: Soft Polenta
L: Leftover's
D: Pumpkin risotto with lamb chops (boys)


B: Porridge with soy milk and agave 
L: Miso soup and rice
D: Polenta crusted pie with salad


B: Fried polenta with tamari
L: Rice Paper Wraps (vietnamese style)
D: Seafood Paella (as my Valentines present) with mussels, calamari, bugs and prawns


B: Porridge and miso soup
L: Caesar salad
D: Mexcian Monday


B: Soy milk smoothie
L: Leftovers
D: Mum's


B: Fried polenta
L: Empanadas made with leftover mexican and puff pastry
D: Grandma's


B: Tea and Toast
L: Grandma's leftovers (always roast vegetables) in frittatas
D: Prawn toasts and asian style broth

PS.  I promise a vintage related post this week - I have found dome great handbags!

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