Saturday, February 6, 2010

Menu Planning - But no photos

But I have a good excuse - while trying to be all environmentally friendly we purchased rechargeable batteries and now I cannot find the charger anywhere so until then....  sorry.

Last week's highlight was definitely the Welsh Rarebit from my Good Housekeeping book.  It was so easy but very delicious - made ten thousand times easier if you have an easily cleanable double boiler.

Here is a picture of someone else's - it looked the most like mine.  Unfortunately however, I did not make that much.

The books that I'm using this week are Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis; 

and Food Safari Cookbook which is the result of a TV show that I love.

Food Safari (Book)

There is a link to Giada's site on the left.  If you click here you will be taken to the SBS website and a lot of the Food Safari recipes are there.  I'm in love with the Crepe Suzette from the French episodes.  We even got a crepe pan for our engagement so I will have to give that one a go.   Actually I will do a link for all of Food Safari under Feast on the left so if you like it you don't have to hunt around for this post in the future.


B: Miso soup and fried polenta with breakfast mushrooms (Grandma's recipe)
L: Spanakopita and Greek Salad (Food Safari p 70 and 73 respectively)
D: Pork chops with apple sauce (the boys) and roast veggies for all


B: Porridge
L: Leftovers
D: Gnocchi with a tomato sauce (Gnocchi is from Everyday Pasta p 109)


B: Rice with gomashio and miso soup
L: Leftovers or go and get sushi
D: Baked fore quarter lamb chops (for the boys) - the same marinade on tofu for me and mash (will be interesting to try tofu and mash together)


B: Fried polenta
L: Roast vegetable and lentil salad
D: Mexican Monday


B: Tea and toast
L: Tomato Jelly with verjuice (based on a Maggie Beer idea - but going to use agar agar for the first time.  Fingers crossed) and avocado
D: Mum's


B: Boiled egg and toast fingers
L: Leftover's
D: Grandma's


B: Porridge
L: Cannelini Bean Soup with toast and a side salad
D: Baked penne with roasted veggies (Everyday Pasta p 89)


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

The pork with apples sounds so good, but I no longer eat pork darn it! :( Sounds like a lovely menu!

vintage_bel said...

Thanks Mrs B. As a vegetarian I don't eat it either. Im so worried that I might taste something when I'm cooking that has meat in it or is meat! It's probably because I drink too much champagne while making dinner.

Thanks for your compliment.

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