Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Outfit

I know in really should not have titled this post "Daily Outfit" seeing that I do not post daily but that is the eventaul goal so I will keep it.

Here are a host of outfits that I have been wearing - and remembered to take pictures of.

It might we strange to start off a post with my legs but its the shoes that I love here.  They are from Nine West and despite the heel are actually really comfortable.

Here is the whole outfit:

Sunglasses: Specsavers (the most vintage prescription glasses I could find)
Shirt - Sussan's
Skirt - Target
Heels - Nine West
Handbag - Vintage Lanza
Pearls - from my Grandma
Ring - Drackis jewellers by way of my Beau! 

This is not really a vintage dress or anything special but I love the 60's inspired pattern on the dress and am going to use this colour combination to decorate our bar room in our new house.

This top is just from a small local shop but is made of the most beautiful, soft cotton.  It is one of the only things I can bear to wear when it's so hot.

The earring are from my Mum so I think from the 70's.  The are tiny pink roses in the most lovely shade of pink.  Someone once told me it looked like I was wearing lifesavers lollies for earring when I had these on and I'm glad that from this photo I know they don't look like Lifesavers.



Nice shoes and feet. Very feminine.

vintage_bel said...

Thanks, I love your style and your blog - your comment has made my day!

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