Friday, January 29, 2010

Menu Planning

Last week I was a bit all over the shop with the actual execution of the menu.  We had to go to an Australia Day party and then I hosted a dinner for my Mum for her 51st birthday.   That also meant that I spent my budget for this week last week, so this week we are eating from our (disgustingly) well stocked pantry and freezer - but it does give us a chance to go through some things before we move.

I am sure I took more picture throughut the week than the ones I am going to post but oh well. 
Here is:

my Mum and my brother

An example of Mexican Mondy (veggie and meat versions - can you guess which is which?)

Polenta crusted chargrill veggie pie.

So because of the no-shop week there are a few books I am using this week - one of which is very vintage and even though I haven't used a lot of recipes reminded my of things like soup and toast for a quick meal.

Two of the cover pictures were taken my me because I cannot find a picture of the one I have on the Internet but I have linked the title to several sellers/online shops:

Vegetarian Cooking:A Commonsense Guide

The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Soloman


B: Mushrooms on Toast and Tea
L: Leftovers from last week
D: Udon Noodles in "Kabejiru" or noodle broth (Soloman p 477) and rice and pickle


B: Porridge with dried fruit
L: Cauliflower soup made with parmesan rinds
D: Mum's Lasagna (at the Beau's request) and a veggie version for me


B: Miso soup, rice and gomashio
L: Prawn toast and leftover soup
D: Pilaf with curry (veggie for me, chicken for the boys)


B: Polenta with soy and pickled ginger
L: Turkish bread pizza
D: Mexican Monday - Quesadillas


B: Leftover porridge
L: Meeting a friend out
D: Mum's


B: Fried polenta
L: Leftovers
D: Grandma's


B: Toast and Tea
L: Rice and macadamia patties (Vegetarian Cooking p 178)
D: Creamy Welsh Rarebit (p 60 Good Housekeeping - below) and creamed rice with peaches

Here are some photos of the pages of the Good Housekeeping book.  Most of the book is black and white but everything is explained or shown with a picture.  The Welsh Rarebit is first and then an add for Margarine and a recipe for American Devil Cake (let me know if you want it).

Here we have an advertisement for custard powder and jelly crystals )with the "sealed in flavour bud!"  The picture on the right is the lady whom made all the delicious things in the book.  I would have had a meltdown long ago if I had made all the cakes she had in her kitchen!

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