Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sissi - The Empress of Austria

Some time ago I caught the tail end of a movie that I thought was just breathtaking. I knew from the television program that it was called Sissi but I had no idea that there were actually 3 Sissi movies or the story about Sissi was the life of the beloved Elisabeth Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

The part of the 3rd movie that I saw shows Sissi as a young mother you must leave her husband and child to move to a warmer climate where it is feared that she will pass away but instead he Mami comes from Bavaria to restore her hope and at the same time her health.  I found this so emotional even though I did not really understand what was going on.  I was mesmerized.

On acquiring the movies last week, I watched the three films over 2 days and really wish now that I could speak German (the movies are subtitled and sometmes lines go by with no translation).  I am in love with the costumes and the hairstyles and the beautiful furniture.  In the film there are a few references to Maria Terasa (whom I am sure went on to give birth to the future Marie Antoinette of France), so I assume the castle that Sissi leads her married life in is the same as the one of Marie Antionette's childhood.

The hairstyles that Sissi wore in the film ( played by Romy Schneider) are breathtaking.  When I began the first film I thought that everything was a bit over done (especially with earring, a necklace and jewels in her hair) but by the third film I thought it all looked perfect.  The films release date of 1955 somehow shows through even though it is set in 1856 and onwards.

If you would like to purchase the films they are released in Australia by Unmbrella World cinema DVD (www.umbreallaebt.com.au) and I bought mine from JB HiFi for about $45.00

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