Saturday, January 23, 2010

Menu Planning

This last week I remembered to actually take some pictures of the things I have been cooking.  Not all but some.  So from last week (and a bit earlier) here are:

Summer vegetable and goats cheese salad

Japanese mushrooms noodles

Orichiette with caramelized tomato and buffalo mozzarella (a Maggie Beer inspired recipe)

Brown rice sushi

Rooibos tea in my favourite china (Athens)

and a picture of the lovely summer weather in Dee Why, Australia at the moment.

This week my recipes are coming from Vegetarian Cooking: A commonsense guide.  It has some really beautiful pictures and some great sounding recipes.

Vegetarian Cooking: A Commonsense Guide


B: Miso soup and baked beans on toast

L: Salad and mini frittatas (p 54)

D: Artichoke risoni ( p 128) and cauliflower fritters (p 151)


B: Brown rice and gomashio

L: Potato and sweet corn chowder (p 61)

D: Rice and macadamia patties (p 173)


B: Boiled egg and toast

L: Bruschetta (using turkish bread)

D: Prawn toasts, mushroom and hazelnut ravioli, salad and lemon tart (Mum for dinner)


B: Bannock with tahini and marmalade

L: Leftovers

D: Mexican Monday

26/01/10 - Australia Day

B: Miso soup with tofu and polenta

L: Soup and Salad

D: Mum’s birthday party


B: Miso soup and fried polenta

L: Spicy parsnip soup

D: Grandma’s


B: Bannocks with tahini and marmalade

L: Shopping so sushi lunch out and coffee

D: Polenta crusted chargrill veggie pie.


50sme said...

Delicious looking mushrooms and noodles! I have to have some now. Sometimes I'll see somebody eating a certain something and the memory of the food will drive me crazy until I eat it! Great choices.

vintage_bel said...

Thanks 50sme - they were great and i must admit now that I ate 2 servings at once - but they are heathy so... I have the same feelings when I see people eating certain things - especially cake!

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