Friday, January 15, 2010


Last weeks menu had a few highlights:

  • Burgers with "fast fries" - these were delicious and for myself I used the same recipe but used vegetarian mince (TVP) but I had to add an egg to bind it together and fry it in a ring.  The fast fried were maybe the most dangerous thing I have cooked the way the splatter so "watch it and stand well back".
  • Naan pizza's were delicious - I put roast pumpkin and sweet potato on them and has sweet chili cheddar cheese on top.
This week I am going to try and get photos of the food - I keep eating it too quickly without taking the photo.

This week most recipe's will come out of Jill Dupliex latest book "Lighten Up".  The premise is delicious food that is also good for you body without depriving your soul.

Lighten Up


B: Fried mushrooms on toast and tea
L: Summer veggies with goats cheese (p 36)
D: Prawn and Spinach dumplings (p 169) with fried rice and steak (for the boys)


B: Brown rice with gomashio
L: Paper wrapped mini quiches (p 144) -  this will also be great for the Beau's lunch box.
D: Leftover summer veg and goats cheese tossed through pasta.


B: Porridge
L: Panazanella with toasted almonds (p 46)
D: Borscht with ravioli (pumpkin and cheese)


B: Bannocks with tahini and marmalade
L: Japanese mushroom noodles (p 88)
D: Mexican Monday


B: Tomato on toast with basil
L: Leftover borscht
D: Mum's


B: Porridge and miso soup
L: Som Yum rice paper rolls (p 70)
D: Grandma's

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