Monday, January 25, 2010

Our new Home

The Beau and I have had a offer excepted on a house!  We are moving.

I cannot remember living in a house (I have lived in apartments since I was a child) and I am so excited to have a little thing to call our own.  The house is not in Sydney but on the Central Coast where uncharitable people might say that only retirees live!

It is 3 bedrooms and 2 stories and has a backyard.  It does need some fixing up as it was a deceased estate but is still neat enough to live in for awhile without having to do anything to it - which is just as well because we are using all our savings to put down our deposit.  Eventually I would like to somehow put in another bathroom and extend the back area.  

We have been offered the chance to buy some of furniture that the lady had - including a very rerto bar with a fish panel that lights up!

I think that the gate has a sort of Spanish feel so I would like to go with that direction for the eventual redecoration - so be prepared for lots of hacienda pictures (espically Marilyn's Brentwood home).

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