Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiration for a Tuesday (as yesterday was public holiday!)

Amazing blueberry and buttermilk muffins

Lately I have been doing a lot of reading online.  I find this unusual for me, because usually once I start reading a good book I do not want to do anything until I have finished it (and get annoyed when I am interruppted).

Most of my online reading concerns food.  What a surprise!  But, it has mainly been about sugar.  Now that I am pregnant you think that I would want to eat the best possible foods that I could for the little one etc.  I would like to have that philospophy but I just don't seem to be able to pull it off.  While pregnant so far I have had McDonalds, too much cheese and chips, chocolate, not enough vegetables and too much tonic water.  The blogs that I have been reading are mostly about giving up sugar, not how wonderful it is.  I thought that I didn't eat that much sugar as it is, but I guess I do when you look at the above list.

Raspberry, Coconut and Lime Friands
Sarah Wilson's blog, which I think I have mentioned before is the place where she advocates a pretty-much paleo diet (for people with her health issues).  I love reading about all of the natural therapies and alternate treatments that she explores on her blog but I cannot agree with the non-vegetarian thing.  Normally blogs that feature meat recipes don't bother me.  I cook meat for my husband and handle it for the cat, and I am totally open to my child deciding what they would like to eat.  It seems that there is an attitude on there and more often in the comments section - that most people are vegetarian because it is a health choice.  For me, it is not a health choice but because I love animals too much. 

Anyway, Sarah's blog features her e-book How to Quit Sugar.  I haven't bought the book, mostly because of some delusion that I do not need help in identifying what foods have sugar in them, but also because ... well this sounds really childish.. I don't like her.  And I could be a bit cheap!  So here is a link to Sarah blog and some of the others that I have been reading that link to quitting sugar and generally being healthier. 

Sarah Wilson Blog

Scandi Foodie
A beautiful blog about food - mainly vegetarian/vegan
Bread and Butter Pudding

Path to Wellness
A website dedicated to wellness written by a nutrionist

Eat Your Freaking Vegetables
A personal blog by a nutrionist with lots of great recipes

Crash Test Mummy
A blog with reviews about trying new things.  Find sugar-related posts under Sugar Crash.

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