Monday, June 25, 2012

Inspiration on a Monday: Glamorous Mum No. 1

With impending Motherhood only 18 weeks away (OMG) - I have been seriously searching blogs and websites for mothers that have that something extra - everyday women who juggle work, home life and do it all very stylishly.  I am sure their little girls growing up will be thinking "I want to be just like Mum".  

In an attempt to steal some of their style I will be featuring a few on my blog over the next couple of Mondays.  Please click on the images to take you directly to that post or the header to take you to her home page.

Here is the first:

Bethany's blog The Glamorous Housewife is amazing.  As someone who has worked in movies (as a prop stylist I think) she has a great eye for detail and colour.  The bright, happy feel of her blog is a genuine reflection of her personality.  I don't think I have seen her wear all black on her blog yet, nor do I see much black when you look around her home.  And speaking of her home.  The kitchen - the flamingos, the dining room with the wallpapered ceiling - is there anything that I don't want to steal?

The amazing dining room with the wallpapered ceiling

From the "You Got That Where?" series
To fulfill the part of a glamorous Mum I think you have to be pretty clue-y when it comes to fashion and this is where I fall down but where Bethany excels.  She does a great series called "You Got The Where?" which details vintage-inspired items that she finds at department stores and how she styles them to fit in with her "look"

Bethany is completely honest with her readers, which makes for some very funny reads (ie - when comparing herself to Martha Stewart) and entertaining YouTube videos.  It's on her recommendation that I went and bought a good under eye concealer.  Here is her latest video from YouTube - fish tacos.  Don't you just love the way she says "Hi Dolls"?

When I look at The Glamorous Housewife blog - I honestly do not know who she finds the energy, motivation and time to create such a wonderful life for her family.  I will definitely be doing my best to emulate her.

Here are some amazing shoes and her beautiful Ariella

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