Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspiration on a Monday: Glamorous Mum No. 3

Here is my third glamorous Mum: Candice De Ville also known as Super Kawaii Mama.

 Super Kawaii Mama

Super Kawaii Mama was one of the first blogs I ever began following - I think I may have created a blog just so that I could follow her.  I love Candice's style and quirky accessories and for me, being Australian, it is great to see fashion posts that I can apply to my wardrobe - at once!

This photo belongs to the gallery entitled Daily Outfit - please find it here.

I very much admire the way that Ms De Ville keeps her professional life separate from her home life but at the same time manages to convey her love for her girls and home.  When I started my blog I thought that it would all be about fashion and vintage things but I have been unable to keep food out and recipes and pictures of my cat etc.

This photo is under this post

Again, SKM is one of those mothers that seems to have-it-together and is not apologetic for the fact that she will turn up at the school gate looking like she is loving the life she leads.  I think that the balance she has struck between work and home life works very well.  And what's more, she is so generous with her knowledge.  On her website you can find links to her video tutorials, beauty secrets, product reviews and information about the regular workshops she holds for ladies who have an interest in vintage styling.

Please click here to visit workshop news


For more about Candice De Ville and her lifestyle you can find her Twitter here and her YouTube channel here

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