Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Menu Plan

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Baking this week

Chestnut Chocolate Chip Cookies - to use some fresh chestnuts and chestnut flour I have.  Based on this recipe from Pinterest.



Week 1

B - Blueberry muffin
L - out - shopping day
D - Stay at Mum’s; Freezer meal

B - At Mum’s
L  At Dad’s
D - Semolina gnocchi with spinach pesto (based on this one by Maggie Beer)

B - Pancakes with butter, lemon and sugar
L - Buckwheat Noodles and miso soup
D - Thai spiced calamari (based on this one found on Pinterest)

B - Oats with chia and coconut
L - Leftover gnocchi
D - Sweet and salty soybeans with rice (based on this one from Pinterest via Just Bento)

B - Muffin
L - Falafel wrap with yoghurt sauce
D  - Spaghetti Bolognese

B - Oatmeal with umeboshi and seaweed
L - Noodles with satay sauce
D - Quesidillas

B - Oats with chia and blueberries
L - Salad box with tuna and crackers
D - Prawn and Pumpkin curry with pratha (based on this one by Nigella Lawson)

Week 2

B - Peanut butter bread
L - At my Grandma’s for wedding
D - as above

B - Grandma’s
L - Wedding!
D - Wedding!

B - At Grandma’s
L - Out - returning home
D - Leftovers/freezer meal

B - Butter mushrooms and fried egg on toast
L - Freezer meal
D - Avocado and cob salad with garlic bread (based on this one by Annabel Langbein)

B - Boiled egg and toast soldiers
L - Mochi with ginger, tamari and nori
D  - Roast vegetables with lamb chops

B - Peanut butter bread
L - Leftovers
D - Pad Thai with prawns and tofu (based on this one from Food Safari)

B - Muffin
L - Shopping Day - out
D - leftovers

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