Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daily Outfit: Pregnancy Uniform

Over at the Glamorous Housewife during the week she asked if we wear a uniform (she does).  I have to say that thinking it through I have noted that I have been while pregnant.

It's odd because I always just thought that my style was "vintage; sort-of"!  I don't have all vintage pieces nor do I go in for a specific era but I do love the look and feel of most vintage clothing from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Being pregnant has also allowed me to wear the vintage clothing that was a bit too big for me but just had to have at the time.  I am also looking forward to carrying out this process in reverse as I gradually (hopefully) return to my former size.

So, when I found out I was expecting and had told everyone I bought a few things, very cheaply, thinking that I would have to buy new clothes every few weeks.  How wrong I was.  As I write this I am 39 weeks and 1 day and am wearing clothes that I was when I was not pregnant (a stretchy skirt and singlet) and while both are pretty tight, when I go out today I will wear a huge cardigan and look ok.

My uniform has turned into yoga pants and a singlet with a fancy top or cardigan for pretty much my whole pregnancy.  When working I would wear the one pair of "dress" pants that I bought (but they are not maternity) with a singlet and fancy top.  Here is an example of what I have been wearing underneath (I am almost 39 weeks in this photo):

 This photo from my baby shower shows me wearing my only piece of vintage maternity wear that my Mum got me from ebay.  I love the colours and how cool it is to wear (it's all cotton) but I hate how my arms look - hence the second photo - from the same day - with my trusty cardigan.

The cardigan has been great as I have been pregnant during the Australian Winter (which isn't that cold where I live).  It came with a skinny leather belt - but I don't like skinny belts and cannot get it done up anymore anyway.  I also found it great when I was teaching as it covered my bump (when it was smaller) and stopped pesky students asking questions - like "are you married?", "do you have any children?", "would you like to have children one day?" - that is the general line of questioning to "are you having a baby?" It looks something like this in real life but mine was from Best and Less:

From here

During my pregnancy I have had to go to three weddings and a few other special occasions.  For a night at the theatre last week,  and a wedding we had to go in early September, I wore this dress (I bought two in different colours - $20 each) which I accessorised with vintage.  With the mustard dress I wore vintage beads and had a shot silk coat (which in normally too big for me).  For the theatre I took a vintage bed jacket and some beautiful costume jewellery that my Mum had also given me.

This last photo I am not fond of but it shows almost the same thing, leggins and singlet on the bottom with a stretchy skirt and wrap cardigan on the top. This is our anniversary photo from this year (can you tell we didn't know how to use the tripod and everything properly in this shot) which was on August 27th, so I was 31 weeks.

Hopefully after I have had the baby I will have a chance to wear some of my more summery vintage clothes (I have some great blouses) as it will be hot.  I can also see myself sticking with the yoga pants for awhile yet!

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The Glamorous Housewife said...

Oh man, I remember hating EVERYTHING I wore in my 3rd trimester. My uniform consisted of wearing my husband's tee shirt as a dress and eating ice cream!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

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