Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Race Wear

Melbourne Cup is the first Tuesday in November and is the biggest racing event in Australia - aka The race that stops the nation.  Most workplaces run sweeps and everyone stops work at about 3.00pm to watch the race.  Some workplaces even let staff have time off - I've heard it called the hairdressers public holiday!

There are a few important races in the lead-up to Melbourne Cup and while I do enjoy following the form guide, mostly I love looking at the fashions.

Once you have placed your bet (my money this year is on these 5: Spechenka, Peal of Bells, Moudre, Dunaden and Mourayan - I go by the name, taking my cue from the late Jennifer Patterson) all you need to do is find your outfit.

Here are some vintage racing pictures to help you decide what to wear.
Fashionable ladies and gents on the lawn at the Melbourne Cup, c 1910, with the grandstand in the background, from the Library's collection of Victorian Railways lantern slides.  From here.
1930s.  From here

From here
1940s.  From here

Happy trainer: Tommy Smith after Tulloch's cup win in 1957. Photo: Baden Mullaney.  From here


Sadly, there are not too many Melbourne Cup fashion photos from the 1950s but here is an idea of what would have been fashionable.  From here
                                      1965. Jean Shrimpton who caused a scandal with bare legs and a bare head!.  From here

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