Sunday, October 20, 2013

Menu Plan October Week 3 & 4

So you remember those shaming photographs of my pantry - well for the next two weeks (and probably the rest of the year) I am going to try to use up all the stuff in there.

Here is a reminder:

This menu the ingredients I am going to try to use are red lentils (which are actually in a glass jar in another part of the kitchen!), tortillas, rice paper, rice noodles, and some beans.

Here we go:

Monday: Pasta bake with olives and pesto

Tuesday: Chops/Quorn with corn and asparagus

Wednesday: Grandma's for dinner

Thursday: Beef/Bean Burritos

Friday: Leftovers/Frozen dinner

Saturday: Fresh Spring Rolls - based on Janella Purcell's recipe (from her book Eating for the Seasons p16)
Sunday: Red Lentil Dahl (again from Janella p172)

Monday: Mexican bean burgers in lettuce cups

Tuesday: Quiche

Wednesday: Grandma's for Dinner

Thursday: Vegetable Stir Fry (page 29 - Janella)

Friday: Prawns in Chilli Oil and Turkish Bread and Salad

Saturday: Leftovers/Baked Eggs

Sunday: Healthy Fried Rice and leftover something

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