Monday, December 16, 2013

Menu Plan- when there it too much Christmas baking to do!

Please don't be alarmed - my child did not did the beer!

Argh!  So much to make for Christmas - so much in fact I cannot be bothered cooking proper meals - well almost.  I have tried to make this menu plan easy on me - minimal shopping and time spent in the hot kitchen away from the sparkling and Christmas food specials!.

Here we go:

16th - Monday - Poached Eggs with wilted spinach on sourdough
17th - Tuesday - Risotto with corn and prawns
18th - Wednesday - Grandmas
19th - Thursday - Vegetable Soup and Sausages
20th - Friday - leftovers (I am out with my lovey baby group Mums!)
21st - Saturday - Baked Eggs - Christmas Baking Day***
22nd - Sunday - Freezer meal (I am playing at the Church Christmas Carols)*

Can you believe this wasn't the cutest?

23rd - Monday - Pasta with fresh tomato sauce
24th - Tuesday - Laksa with prawns - Christmas Day baking**
25th - Wednesday - Christmas Day
26th - Thursday - Quesildillas with leftovers
27th - Friday - Corn fritters with smoked salmon and home made mayo
28th - Saturday - Vegetable soup and baked cheese
29th - Sunday - Home made pies (turkey/lentil)

Hates hats

*For the Carols service at Church everyone is taking a plate so I will be making two vegetable tarts - undecided yet but hopefully something without eggs as someone else always does a quiche.

**For Christmas Day I also have to bake two tarts - one will be Delia Smith's Thick Onion Tart - I make it every year and I am undecided on the other one yet (for a different household).

***I am making all of the gits for our family and friends this year and I am attempting to make a few different things this year.  I will hopefully remember to take photos of them and can share them with you.

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