Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Baking - Day 2: Fig, Walnut and Fennel Roulade

So the second thing I am making this year for gifts is a Fig, Walnut and Fennel Roulade.  I know this sounds like some weirdly flavoured swissiroll but it's actually something that you would serve with cheese - in the same way you might have quince paste.

The recipe is from Feast magazine this month and was contributed by Matthew Evans.  I followed his ingredients but changed the method considerably.  Here is where you can find the original recipe and method or you can buy the magazine (well worth it for the delicious Tropfest menu they have in there - pretzels!!!)



1.  I blitzed the figs in the food processor because I had my tiny assistant in the kitchen who can now reach the bench and I don't like using knives near him.
2.  I toasted the walnuts and then added them to the processor and blitzed again.


3.  I crushed the fennel and cloves together in a motar and pestle - such a good smell.

4.  In a bowl I put the brandy, fennel seeds, cloves, black pepper and honey then dumped out the figs and walnuts and mixed it all (use a spatula - so much less much).

5.  I portioned the mix into little logs (I will wrap them like bon-bons) and then rolled them in some rice flour.

6.  I then wrapped each individually in baking paper and put them in a contained to be weighted down with a tin of food I will never use!

Note: It says in the recipe to weight them down for three days and that they will keep air-tight for 3 weeks so they should be perfect for Boxing Day - Yum!

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