Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As mentioned in my previous post, money is becomg a hige factor for me.  I have avioded commenting on the recession etc because I felt that eeryone else was covering it enough.  However I feel that know, that I am on-my-own financially, so to speak, I am ready to have a good think about it.

With my work, I don't get paid regulary.  Yes, i am a tecaher but most of my work os ocntract work, meabing that I only get paid after the invioce has been issued and the client finds funds to pay me.  Some of the work I do, is paid in cash, but I only get paid if the students comes to their lesson - eg. if they are sick, on holidays, public oliday, the school has a sport day - no pay.  This happens quite reguralry which is part of the reason for trying to set up a full timetable.

So this week apart from menu planning all my meals I am going to pu in place the following strategies:

  1. Change my Foxtel subscription to remove it from the second bedroom (saving $20) and change the packages around so I am only paying for the channels I watch (saving $20) so my Foxtel bill will hopefully be reduced by $40/month.
  2. Write out a shopping list to match my menu plan.  Go through everything to double check I don't already have it  - how many cans of coconut cream do  really need?
  3. Not buy coffee out this week.  I only have a short black so can easily make that at home with the French Press.
  4. No magazines - this was actually one of my New Year resolution.  Oops.
  5. No go out for lunch or dinner - apart from anything the Beau has planned when I go an visit him on campus this weekend.
  6. Always take the snack with me on my menu plan so I don't have to be hungry and buy something - or eat crappy food.
  7. Look at others expenses I can get rid of.

The Australian Government has recently given everyone a $900 stimulus package to help the economy (Australian).  I have received mine but not yet put it to anything.  I am in four minds about this!
  1. Pay off some of my last remaining credit card debt.
  2. Put it to my Superannuation
  3. Spend it on locally produced goods and services as it was intended
  4. Keep if for a rainy day.

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