Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here is the menu plan for this week.  It began yesterday but is only being posted now as Mondays are suer busy with work this term.  

I am now scheduling breakfast, lunch and dinner into my menu plan because the Beau is away studying and I have to budget very tightly (as he isn't paid while studying) and really want to cut down on the amount of food waste.  Hence the reason there are lots of repeat items.  

The whole menu is vegetarian (apart from one prawn dish).  Most recipes are from Anne Symple - Symply Too Good.  If you are interested in a recipe let me know and I'll post it - I'll also try to take pictures.


B - Gluten Free (GF) muesli (homemade) and soy yoghurt plus peaches in mango syrup.  Tea
L - Wrap with salad and tofu.  Kiwi fruit.
D - Vegetarian chilli with polenta.  Berry Dream for sweets
S - Snack Bar (eg. LEDA fruit bar) and cup of soy milk.


B - Gluten Free (GF) muesli (homemade) and soy yoghurt plus mandarin.  Tea
L - Warp with cheese and salad.  Peaches in mango.  Raw Almonds
D - Roast veggie pasts.  Berry Dream.
S - Pear and Prune Loaf, Soy Milk, 2 crisp-breads with peanut butter

B - Oats and toast.  Tea
L - Curry (leftover from last week and frozen) and Brown Rice.  Peaches in mango syrup.
D - Mum's
S - Soy yoghurt.  Milk.  Apple and Prune Loaf

B - Gluten Free (GF) muesli (homemade) and soy yoghurt plus mandarin.  Tea
L - Roast vegetable pastry (bought from Farmer's Market and frozen).  Apple
D - Stir-fry with tofu and Asian greens.  Apple and Prune loaf
S - Soy milk.  2 crisp-bread with tomato and melted cheese

B - Toast with baked beans, tomato and mushrooms.  Apple. Tea
L - 4 crisp-bread with melted cheese.  Salad with dressing.  Mandarin
D - Prawns in satay sauce with brown rice.  Salad.
S - Raw Almonds.  Soy yogurt.  Soy milk.

B - Gluten Free (GF) muesli (homemade) and soy yoghurt plus peaches in mango syrup.  Tea
L - Cheese and salad wrap.  Mandarin.
D - Will be away from home (visiting Beau)
S - Soy milk.  Crisp-bread with vegemite and cheese.

Sunday - will be away breakfast and lunch but will try to have something similar too:

B - Bircher muesli.  Apple
L - Wrap with curried egg, avocado, parmesan and lettuce with dressing
D - Roast vegetable pastry (bought from Farmer's Market and frozen).  Salad and baked potato.
S - Soy milk.  Apple and Prune Loaf.  Mandarin.

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