Friday, May 29, 2009

Practicum Teaching

It is now my second day on prac teaching. Unfortunatley, most of the staff are away to day so i am oberserving classess that I would not normally teach, as well as subjects, but it is nice to see how other departments work.

Today, being Friday, we had a department morning tea. Aparently there are a whole lot of people who belong to the Arts department that only show up for morning tea! I think that I will be hosting the morning tea before I leave , so i will make something nice. Myabe cheese and biscuits (this was very popular today), a savoury roulade with smoked salmon and friands and proper coffee and tea - from pots. I will do some more reconnaisance next Friday.

The classess I have observed so far are a year 3 boys class - which doesn't apply directly to my course, a year 7 girls class - that didn't have the correct teacher, so i went along anyway and ended up teaching the class. I didn't get any feedback from the supervising teacher, but the girls said that I did a good job and that they hope I get the job - I don't think they really understand what pract is but it was nice of them to say.

I have also been to a year 10 class. We were going through their ecams. I was thinking to myself that I must have used to be able to do this! I will have to revise my concepts of music and I'm currently planning some classes on Romatic music for when we finish going through their exams. It seems that I will never be able to keep all the knowledge in my head at the same time!

The teachers at the school I am at are very nice. I do already so some private tutpring at he school so already knew that but I can imagine if you didn't get on with the people you have been assigned to it would be hard. I'm glad that it is just music staff where I am as I know that it would have been hrad work trying to mesh with all of the people at the morning tea.

For my Romantic lessons I am hoping to find some brass music as a lot of the students in the class are very good brass players. There is also a pianist so he should be right at home. Myabe I will through something else in there that none of them would have come across in their music lessons to push them a bit further. I will have to find a meldoy dictation and a sight singing example. I am also hoping to use the Chinese Dance from Fantasia (Tchaikovsky).

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